Cage Setups

We use a collection of converted storage tubs to house our mice, mainly based on what I can get to fit on the shelf :D. Most recommended are the RUBs, or Really Useful Boxes. They come in good size increments, have thick and tough plastic, and the lids clip on securely which is particularly useful if you have cats or small children.

We do provide our breeding stock with toys of different varieties. Most importantly I've found that providing even just a flying saucer type wheel will keep a mouse busy for life, and is easy to keep clean. This type of wheel fits into most boxes and prevents spinal problems, foot problems or tail curvature too.

Sources of enrichment for breeding mice don't have to be expensive or complex. They'll be happy to destroy a pile of cardboard or to construct an elaborate nest out of tissue paper and hay. They'll spend hours shredding the tissue off of a full toilet roll if given half a chance. The cheapest kind of hanging bird seed treats (40p from wilkos, UK ladies and gents :D) is also a good bet on keeping them entertained. Mice with some form of enrichment spend less time spatting with one another or trying to chew on their enclosure.

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