Food Mixes

At the moment our food mix consists of;

4 scoops whole oats
3 scoops mixed flake
2 scoops dog kibble
1 scoops seed mix

We changed onto a completely home made mix because the store bought ones work out very expensive in bulk in the long run. The mice seem to prefer it too, there are much fewer bits and pieces left over at the end of the day. And I have more control over who gets extra proteins and supplements.

Our seed mix is much more complicated, since I try to balance the expensive and the cheap seeds and still provide a variety of diet. At the moment the base is budgie and cockatiel mix, with varying amounts of the following added;
Hemp Seed
Insect Mix
Meadow Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Fonio Paddy
Tiny Puppy Treats
Mixed Veg
Kelp Meal

Our insect mix contains;
Freshwater Shrimp
Silkworm Pupae
Tubifex worms
Whole fish

I also keep a mix of dried veggies and peas on hand, as well as other supplements. I like to offer my mice a varied diet that still contains familiar things, since they can be wary of trying stuff for the first time but naturally eat a variety of different foods. I'm also still trying to settle on the best combinations for my mice, especially as I find my nursing does to be a bit picky about the extra protein I offer them.

Since we have a lot of mice, I do keep cheap baby food on hand for when I'm ill, or I can't spare the time to bugger about with all the complicated juggling. I find that if you pick one brand and flavour, they take to it quite well and eat it readily. Not that its something they should get every day, but they do enjoy a treat now and again.

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